Formula for the perfect curls

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To enhance your natural wave, we recommend Kérastase’s Bain Oleo-Curl shampoo followed by Masquekeratin to minimize frizz, and for supple, nourished curls. To protect as you style, apply a golf ball size amount of Kerastase’s Curl Mouse to give fine curls lightweight definition and protection. For the thick, coarse curls use Crème Oleo-Curl for intense definition and protection from thermal damage. Ribbon out natural curl sections while the hair is still wet. We recommend the Super Salono dryer with a diffuser for the best finish. Take your time when drying curls, avoiding any friction or over heating, this will minimize the frizz. Start at the ends and slowly work up to your roots. Making sure to dry the hair completely. Finsih your style with Laque Noir from Kerastsase for that perfect shiny finish with anti humectant protection. Using a slight scrunch and squeeze.

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