The Perfect Blow Out

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Calm recommends you have the following tools to achieve the perfect blow out. A large tooth comb, a medium boar bristle or ceramic brush, 2-3 clips and 15-20 minutes.
On towel dried hair, apply any of Kerastase’ thermiques to mid length and ends first, to protect your hair from excess heat. We LOVE Spray A Porter’ from Kerastase for volume and texture with out the stickiness. Use five to seven sprays from your roots to your ends.Using your large tooth comb,distribute the product evenly. When blow drying be sure to remove about %80 of the moisture before your start your brush work. Calm, A Salon strongly recommends you begin with your fringe or bangs first. Then move to the sides of your face next, using your clips to move the wet hair from the top out of the way. Dry the underneath working to the top of the head. Use your round brush at the roots and dry upward.Keep your tension at all times.Drop your next section and repeat.Did you know that by using the cool shot after you dry each section will help lock in your volume and create a better shine? Finish with Kerastase’s new hair spray Laque Dentelle for a hold that is sexy and touchable. Using a dry shampoo on day two is a great way to make your blowout go the distance. We recommend VIP it provides a beautiful finish to next day hair.

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